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Hello and thanks for stopping by!  My name is Sarah and this is my little nook to share some of my crafty adventures and help you along in yours!

I am a fiber artist and love finding and designing new patterns – whether they are knit, crochet, sewn, embroidered, or cross stitch.  Stitching makes me happy, is my meditation, and my creative outlet. Join me here as I try out new projects, share tips, jump into new stitching adventures, and share my frustrations and joys in making time to make every day.

Some fun facts about me!

  • I am a trained classical musician, and still teach and perform regularly
  • I have two kiddos at home who love to keep me on my toes and “help” me with my projects
  • My secret love is gardening, but my thumb is more black than green
  • I’m supery nerdy and a loud and proud feminist
  • I live in Pennsylvania, about equidistant from New York City and Philadelphia and love living so close to two big cities
  • The next fiber adventure I want to explore is spinning my own yarn

I am so thrilled to be getting started and to have you, lovely readers, along for the ride!