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I love Bob’s Burgers. And, really, what’s not to love? It’s perhaps the most perfect television show out there (though, to be honest, most of my viewing dialogue these days includes a lot of Sesame Street and Curious George these days…)

Bob and Linda have a loving marriage where they support one another through their various quirks and differences. (Remember when Bob got really into Caking? Or when Linda turned the restaurant into a Dinner Theater?) And they love and support their children – Tina, Gene, and Louise – in the best possible way. They figure out how to go to Horse Camp, and scare the crap out of Louise, and even throw together a last minute TableScape for Gene’s competition. (Really. It’s the greatest show.)

While all of the women on the show have qualities to be admired and emulated, Tina is my own personal hero. She’s awkward, a rule-follower, and boy crazy. She’s enough of a regular American tween (loves horses, has difficult relationships with her peers) but has the self confidence I could have only dreamed about at her age.

That’s why it was oh-so-easy to be inspired by her, and feel compelled to create a daily reminder of her awesomeness to emulate.

I mean, it’s pretty obvious, right?

I designed this bookmark to be something that I can look at every day when I open up my bullet journal and remind myself to embrace my inner Tina throughout every day.

It’s a super simple pattern, perfect for the beginning stitcher or experienced pro alike. It only uses two colors (and, really, only just a few inches of the yellow for her barrette), and I designed it to be stitched unto a finished bookmark, so you don’t even need a hoop to hold it when you work. You can get bookmarks from Michaels or JoAnn Fabrics – but my favorite place to get them is by supporting sellers on Etsy. CrossStitchbyTracey sells the blank bookmarks for a steal of what you might pay someplace else! I highly recommend her shop!

You can find this pattern for the Tina Belcher bookmark at my Etsy shop!