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I love crochet mandalas – they’re gorgeous ways to show off the simple beauty of the craft. There are so many beautiful variations of just a few different types of stitches and a combination of colors. They can seem so intimidating to try, so I’ve put together a list of 10 different free patterns to learn the process.

#1 Frozen Flower Mandala

© intheyarngarden

If you’re a new crocheter, or just feel like jumping into a straightforward project, In the Yarn Garden’s Frozen Flower Mandala might be just what you’re looking for. Beautiful in it’s simplicity, it is a great primer in changing colors and getting the overall shape and design of a mandala into your fingers.

#2. Mandala Madness

© Helen Shrimpton

Mandala Madness is stunning! The free pattern from Helen Shrimpton is written in stages allowing you to grow your mandala to the size of a blanket if you’re so inclined. I love the colors and the way each new color and row around brings a new level of intricacy and shape.

#3. Mandala For Your Home

© Crafttuts+

I love the delicateness of Mandala For Your Home by Marinke Slump. The colors are of a gorgeous sunburst, but the feeling can be easily changed with a new palette of colors.

#4. Mandala I Love

© Lifestyle By Ella /Elisabeth Laitila

This monotone mandala is perfect in int’s intricateness but also simplicity. Mandala I Love is categorized as a tablecloth on Ravelry, but experiment with making it different sizes with different weights of yarn to make it even more delicate or big enough for your bed!

#5. Sophie’s Mandala

© Dedri Uys

Sophie’s Mandala is another beautiful example of the way color can be used to add intricateness to a fairly solid pattern. Designer Dedri Uys has three sizes of the pattern available, encouraging makers to explore, experiment, and enjoy this beautiful free pattern!

#6. Super Nova Mandala

© Anna Nilsson

The Super Nova Mandala by Anna Nilsson encourages exploration of color. Whether you use warm or cool tones can completely change the look and the feel of this beautiful design.

#7. Shooting Star Mandala

© Marie Hoff

Marie Hoff’s Shooting Star Mandala has a beautiful star pattern worked into the design. How perfect would this be for a wall hanging!? And I love the rainbow of colors.

#8. Sweet Memories Mandala

© BellaCrochet

Elizabeth Ann White from BellaCrochet designed her Sweet Memories Mandala as a doily using thread. But imagine the possibilities if you were to adjust for a heavier yarn!

#9. Starflower Mandala

The Starflower Mandala from Zelna Olivier incorporates color with simple stitches to make something memorable. The designer suggest this as a great stash buster – and we all could use a few of those in our back pockets – but I think that the lace work would also make this beautiful in a single color.

#10. Spirit Mandala

© Tatsiana Kupryianchyk

I LOVE this design, and that the finished design incorporates a metal ring for hanging. Tatiana Kupryianchyk designed the Spirit Mandala to be suitable for beginners – so there is no reason to not jump in and make something beautiful for yourself.