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Designing patterns can seem intimidating, but all you need are an idea and a few tools to get started. While many designers I know at least start out with some paper and colored pencils, most patterns these days end up being in a digital format.

My favorite digital pattern maker is StitchFiddle.

The website is free for everyone to use – but for the price of less than two dollars a month you can access all of the features, which includes downloading higher resolution images, and save an unlimited number of designs.

Here is an example of what a finished cross stitch pattern might look like using StitchFiddle:

Though I use it for cross stitch, the site is also set up for knitting and crochet patterns. Built into the website are all of the DMC and Anchor thread color catalogs so you can design with true colors in mind, as well as all of the standard knit and crochet chart symbols. StitchFiddle is an invaluable tool that is also a community of makers – see the projects that users are making on Instagram.

I can’t recommend StitchFiddle enough! I encourage anyone who has an interest in designing to get a free account and start experimenting!