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If you cross stitch or embroider, you are likely already familiar with need minders. They are small magnets that keep your needle safely in one spot so you don’t have to worry about it slipping, falling, and getting stepped on. With the upsurge in fibre arts and stitching in particular, needle minders have been updated to become sometimes hilarious and always beautiful. I was just looking at some fun new options to add to my stitchin’ kit and had to share these delightful finds with you, too!

#1: Crafty Bitch

Photo Copyright TWxCreations

Truer words never spoken. Get this amazing minder at the TWxCreations Etsy store.

#2: It’s Too Peopley Outside

Photo Copyright TheNerdyNeedleShop

Ok. Maybe these are the truest words ever spoken… Find this amazing minder and a bunch of others at TheNerdyNeedleShop

#3: Floral Sewing Spool Needle Minder

Photo Copyright TheKitschyStitcher

How sweet is this?!? And the thread on the spool is one of my absolute favorite colors. Get it at TheKitschyStitcher.

#4: Hoop There It Is

Photo Copyright TheRealStitchLady

Perfection. TheRealStitchLady has an amazing shop!

#5: Mandala & Sacred Geometry Needle Minder

Photo Copyright StitchLifeStudio

Just LOOK AT THESE! There are 9 different designs, and each order receives a surprise pick. It makes me want to order a set of nine to for a chance to get them all! Find out more at StitchLifeStudio.

#6: Plant Lady

Photo Copyright NachoGranny

I am resigning to the fact that my thumb is more black than green, but I can think of a few plant ladies who need this in their life. Get it from the amazingly named NachoGranny.

#7: Shark Needle Minder

Photo Copyright TWxCreations

This amazing minder, another from TWxCreations, is perfect for summer stitching. Or, if you’re shark-obsessed like my 4 year old, it’s perfect year round!

#8: Maybe Swearing Will Help

Photo Copyright BoxOfOddities

First of all, OF COURSE IT WILL. But having a reminder never hurts. Pick this one up from BoxOfOddites!

#9: Bookworm Needle Minder

Photo Copyright MadForMinders

It’s been my experience that bookworms are also crafters. Not exclusively, but so very often. That’s why this is such a great addition to your craft box. Get it from the great shape MadForMinders.

#10: Filigree Circle Needle Minder

Photo Copyright CraftyCatKnittyBits

How classic! How simply gorgeous! Check out this beautiful minder and others drawing from celtic inspiration at CraftyCatKnittyBits.

I feel like this could be the first part in a series. There are so many great classic, snarky, and beautiful minders out there – and more ingenious ones being made all the time! Which one was your favorite? Which should I include in a future list?