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One of the areas of creative life I struggle with most is deciding which project to start on, which inspiration to follow first. Often I find that I get so worked up about where to begin, I stagnate myself from beginning at all.

Which is why I’m so glad to that Etsy makes it so easy for creative folks to talk directly with potential customers. It’s often their ideas and inspiration that gets me most excited. And, I think like most people, I’m often happiest to work on a project for someone else even more than I am to work on something just for me.

I was PM’ed by a returning customer who asked if I could design a pattern for her. She loved the now popular quip, but didn’t yet find a pattern that embraced it in the way she was envisioning. There are a bunch of options out there, which is why I hadn’t thought of trying my hand at it. Until this dear customer offered insight and inspiration to not only make it distinct from the other options available, but also super fun to create.


My favorite season is the fall of the patriarchy.

And it could have only happened through collaboration, several drafts, and an awesome shared vision. I should also note, that to thank her for her ideas, inspiration, and collaboration she received a free copy of the pattern!

So as you sip your PSLs, crunch through leaves, and plot the ways in which the patriarchy will be dismantled, stitch yourself a bookmark for your latest favorite feminist read. The pattern is on sale now through my Etsy Shop!