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Like most of us throughout the world, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced me to stay at home in recent weeks. While trying to keep on top of the news, while not being over-consumed by it, it’s been hard to find the time, energy, and motivation to actually work on the creative projects that I’ve been lining up waiting for some free time to work it’s way into my schedule. Funny thing about pandemics causing existential dread and sapping all of your spirit, huh?

But the other day I did manage to turn off the news and commit to a night off of social media and simply indulging in some of my favorite things. Some wine, some snacks, some mindless knitting, and binge watching Schitt’s Creek on Netflix.

If you’re not already familiar with this amazing show, I implore you to stop reading now and go watch the first episode. It’s only 20 minutes and will change your life for the better.

Who doesn’t love Eugene Levy, Catherine O’Hara, and the rest of the Rose Family – as well as the town locals – and all of their antics? It’s hilarious, and beautiful, and just the wonderful thing I needed to get me out of my creative rut.

I’m not picking a favorite character – it’s just too difficult. And as corny as it sounds, watching their growth over the six seasons is heart warming. As Moira reminds us:

And there’s already been much said about Moira’s amazing way of speaking. Elle spoke to a speech pathologist who broke down the different accents and word choice. You should make the time to read it.

But I have a particular soft spot for the Rose siblings – David and Alexis – and the way their relationship grows and changes over the series. As they cohabitate in the run down motel they become closer than they’ve been in years, and also get on each other’s nerves in a way that they hadn’t since they were children. And it’s in that motel room that one of my favorite refrains of the show is born:

This is something that comes up a lot, and is so quintessentially Alexis that I can’t help but hear it in her voice, or do the worst-ever attempt at an impression when I say it out loud.

So I grabbed a hoop and figured out a quick stitch that would capture this sentiment, my love for the show, and the gratefulness that I could find some joy and creativity in these otherwise dark times.

It’s in a 3 inch hoop, which shows just how bite sized it is. I designed it fast, and perfect for beginners. The pattern is now live in my Etsy shop with a charted pattern for the rose, an homage to the Rose Family, after all, or pointers on how to make a successful Woven Wheel Stitch. I love the texture and dimension the embroidery technique gives to the piece. And I think I’m going to have to make one for all of my Schitt’s Creek loving friends.

Because, after all, we need to find joy and hope and love wherever we can these days. I find it in six glorious seasons of a silly but wonderful television show that makes me laugh and feel good. And in the words of David himself: