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Like the overwhelming majority of Americans yesterday, I was relieved, inspired, and thrilled to watch the inauguration of President Biden – but even more so for the inauguration of Vice President Harris!

So much has been said about the historic nature of this election, and the first Black person, first person of Asian descent, and first woman to hold the office of Vice President of the United States. But the emotions that erupted watching her be sworn in were overwhelming! There were plenty of memes talking about the shattered glass ceiling. Though, we must all be cautious not to forget how much work is left to be done.

What better day than to highlight one of my favorite patterns, and one of the most popular patterns in my Etsy shop!

I stand firmly on the side of justice, as an ally with Black Lives Matter, LGBTQA+, and as a loud and proud feminist. The work to smash the patriarchy has been underway for a long time, and must continue until true equality is achieved. I’m here and will be doing the work. I hope you’ll join me.

This pattern is simple and makes up a bookmark perfect for keeping your place in your latest anti-racist read. I highly recommend the book pictured above by Stacey Abrams.

Abrams’ star has been rising since the Georgia Governor’s seat was stolen from her in 2018, and we have her work to thank for the historic turn out in Georgia in 2020. We can all learn to lead from the outside and make effective and positive change for our own communities. And there’s no better time to start than now!


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